Sunday, October 19, 2008

NYC Needs Bloomberg

A special thought for my 50th published post:

New York City as well as New York State requires the current Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to continue to lead the city, especially through these tough economic times. His decades of leading his seven billion dollar financial services firm and overseeing its international operations as an employer of over 10,000 overwhelmingly qualifies him to stay for a third term.

His leadership in reforming education in New York City in the past seven years as mayor has led to increased graduation rates, lower violence and crime in schools, and the opening of more charter schools for the rapidly increasing student population. Mayor Mike's years of managing his own company led him to make wise and efficient decisions that helped put New York City back on track, especially after the events of 9/11. His unparalleled expertise with people of all types of backgrounds helped him negotiate fair deals with teachers, police, and firefighters. His openness and free-thinking helped revive NYC's reputation as a city that welcomed the arts with the Gates in Central Park and the New York City Waterfalls. Bloomberg's brave thinking and actions which won critics led to the city's nomination as one of the five finalists in the bid for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the creation of PlaNYC/2030 which involved ambitious-but-obligatory plans to help the environment and to responsibily plan for the city's growth, and the proposal of congestion pricing, a controversial but proven transportation plan that would have helped the environment by having fewer cars on the road and would have increased funding for the city's mass transit, which is direly in need of funding. Although some of his plans, including congestion pricing, were defeated by out-of-touch state representatives as well as conservative city officials, the ability of a Mayor to continue fighting and championing for what is best for the city (while only taking $1 per year salary as Mayor, as per his request) even though it may jeopardize his political career and legacy, is one of his strengths.

Mayor Bloomberg's professionalism at handling numerous city issues and events concurrently, wealth of experience with daily operations in a rapidly changing environment, and steadfastness on issues that are vital to the city's economy, future growth, and livelihood is something that many leaders in the world lack but makes up the heart and soul of the Mayor. His unselfish character and determined demeanor has helped win the hearts of numerous New Yorkers and has consistently garnered a 70% approval rating. It is of utmost importance to have Bloomberg to continue to steer the city in the right direction and we, as the voters, are obliged to rally our city's constituents to get rid of the term limits law for the mayor and re-elect Mayor Mike.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Honorable Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to continue as the Mayor of New York City for the 2009 mayoral election.


>>>NY1: NY1 Poll Shows Bloomberg Has High City Approval Ratings (10/18/2008)
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Edited 10/20/2008

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