Friday, April 10, 2009

Virtual Different Looks of NYC Looks Real (SimCity 4)

/// An updated screenshot of my NYC as well as ones taken from my beta testing of CXL should be available August 2011 ///
I have been working on my SimCity 4 version of New York City for over two years (since January 2007) and have gotten my way through Southern Brooklyn, Staten Island, and a region bordering the East River. My road network is pretty accurate (with the exception of S. Brooklyn - I'm planning on redoing that later on) and major landmarks and public spaces are included, all with the help of Google Maps. However, after seeing what lucky7 has done with his "The Different Looks of NYC" City Journal at the highly-popular SimCity 4 forum/exchange site Simtropolis has made me consider giving up on my city. His road and transportation network is so intricate and exact it looks as if it were a satellite photo. My opinion is that he can make it that accurate due to a custom-made, larger map size. Although he has yet to fully populate his city, it is fantastic and deserves his award. I myself do not have a City Journal, but will hopefully have something that is comparable!

Of course, Monte Cristo's Cities XL is coming out later this year, and so far it looks far superior to SC4, partly due to plenty of user feedback about the shortfalls of SC4. It looks and has a much more realistic gameplay, as evident from Simtropolis' Webmaster's review of an invitation-only review.


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  1. Cool. Im working on the New York region too but mines not nearly as big yet as yours. It's got like 400 thousand sims

  2. Thanks! Mine currently has (with a new city: "Uptown-West Bronx") 2.38million residents!

    Are you having the same problem with the geography?

  3. My way to play a New York City in similar was to create a map using tutorial of simcity 4.
    I just calculate the avenues lie the realmap.
    The scale of the map is too little to create a real map, and to play using the region is not the same thing.
    How can i get UN build, Metlife building, etc...?

  4. Hi Renato!

    First off, thanks for visiting and commenting!

    I basically used the original NYC map. It is very distorted (the Bronx and Manhattan are connected) but still playable. You just have to size everything accordingly for each city.

    To build special real world buildings (unfortunately I cannot find the UN), visit . Warning: you may become addicting to the game after you realize the awesome power of that site.

    As of this comment, I have roughly 3 Million residents and have nearly completed Manhattan and the New Jersey side.