Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA: #44 (3rd Post)

John McCain's concession speech with video
Barack Obama's acceptance speech with video

Random public reactions in NYC following the results:
  • Yelling on city streets for the better part of the night, honking
  • Egyptian woman, with her young daughter, talking with an acquaintance on the subway: "I have been living here for 33 years...McCain's too old...I'm glad Obama won."
  • African-American woman speaking to her husband on bus: "On [Linden?] Blvd. last night, the Bloods and Crips were dancing together!"

New York Times' Electoral & National, State Election Maps

Google's election gadget:

Or run for president yourself and see what states you want to win with Yahoo's customizable election map at their Political Dashboard.

And here's what my dream electoral map for U.S. elections would be like:
Yahoo! News Political Dashboard

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