Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA: #44 (2nd Post)

When Obama mentioned during his acceptance speech at around 12 AM EST in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois that he received a "gracious" call from McCain, his supporters applauded McCain. What a stunning difference from McCain's supporters during his concession speech. Obama also stated that there were still many obstacles to overcome that may not be resolved within the next year or in a term. He also reached out to Republicans by sympathizing with them that "he needs their help" and that every U.S. resident shares the same ideals. He also described the past 106 years of the U.S. (because there was a 106-year old Black woman voting in Atlanta, Georgia).

Some of his key phrases:
"This victory belongs to you."
"You did this because you understand the enormity of the task before us."
"That's the true genius of America. That it can change."

And some laughs:


(Soon to come: complete electoral map, votes, acceptance speech?)

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