Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Answer Lost

So I was on the train Monday morning and I was happily attempting to fall sleep on my coveted, rare seat when a lady walked in at Roosevelt Ave. She held a handful of small pamphlets with the word "Hell" in large print. She then started a seemingly never-ending talk about God and how we should be religious and how Jesus is our savior and how he helped us out and how were all formed from the earth. I just felt like I wanted to question her about religion vs evolution... It must have been ten minutes until she finally caught my eye and attempted to hand me a pamphlet. At that point, I summoned up the courage and asked her, "So who created God?" She looked at me, shut up, and walked towards the other end of the car. I felt gratified but regretted that I had not spoken up sooner (to save my and my fellow travelers' souls.)

Now, I do not mean to be bashing religion or the overly religious, and perhaps I was somewhat out of line with my question at that spur of the moment. But it was definitely a valid question: neither she nor myself can answer that definitively. However, what made me have a lesser respect for [them] was her refusal to answer or at least address my question. Was it because she was too embarrassed to answer it because she was a blind follower of religion/God? Or was it because she knew that someone like me would likely have a long debate about her beliefs? Maybe I should go to a public place in a conservative city and start preaching about science and evolution. Hehe.

BTW, the title of this post is a reference to Milton's Paradise Lost.

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