Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New MTA Ads for Door Blockers Ineffective

Don't Hold the Doors: MTA, Second Avenue Sagas

I saw the above ad the MTA installed as part of its renewed PR campaign to stop door blockers on subway trains today. It was located inside of the subway car, on a square ad located next to a door. Then I realized something as a passenger blocked the door with his arm and held it there for 5 seconds before the conductor relented and reopened the doors. Shouldn't the ads be placed on the windows of the doors or to its sides on the EXTERIOR of the train instead? Using a sticker for the door or to its sides would allow passengers rushing to the train from the platform to see the "Please Don't Hold the Doors" sign and may actually do just that. Instead, they will only see the ad after they have successfully delayed the train and the ones behind it.

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