Saturday, September 12, 2009

US Open: Serena Quits, a Disappointment

Serena Williams (USA) has just quit her semifinals match against Kim Clijsters (GER) because she believed she was wrongly accused of a foot fault. She argued with the line referee and judge, and then proceeded to argue again. She then quit, leaving the match. Clijsters, looking disappointed, won by default. But Williams had been losing, and this is no way to treat another player or the fans. Lose gracefully, and it would have been better appreciated.
At her press conference/Q&A immediately afterwards, she repeatedly asked the reporters "Pardon?" and "I'm sorry I don't understand your question." Could be a sign of shock of not winning again, or feeling guilt?
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  1. Serena probably would have never argued with the line judge had the line judged not called a footfault which clearly showed it did not occur. Let's face she is a black woman dominating the sport.I wonder how many other foot faults were called during hthe 2009 us open on the women's side-If I were Venus and Serena I would just retire THEY HAVE ALREADY PROVEN THEMSELVES!

  2. Well I don't think race was an issue here; instead I think she was just upset she was going to lose. But you do bring up a good point-there's no excitement to a sport dominated by one or two people...even Tiger Woods is sort of "slowing? down".