Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weird Dream

Not to keep reiterating my adoration for Ms. Swift, but I just had to write about this. I dreamt last night that I was in class one day, and the Professor was trying to fix one of the new motorized window shades, which broke. I offered help, but they said, "I don't need your help" in a bossy tone. I turned around and whispered to my fellow classmates, "What a bitch."

All of a sudden, I noticed someone with blond hair sitting a row or two in front of me. For some reason, I had my laptop with me, with Facebook open. I typed into my status: Is that Taylor Swift sitting two rows in front of me? After hitting enter, that 19-year old star turned around, smiled at me, and turned back. I then saw her typing into her laptop (what is this, the future where everyone has a laptop for class?). I then saw in response to my status a comment from her, Yes it is. I absolutely freaked out to my friends sitting next to me (even though she was sitting right there). Of course, this probably had something to do with the fact that I was just too shocked seeing Ugly Betty stars America Ferrera and Dylan Baker last week that I did not get a picture or autograph.

Shortly after, when the teacher returned to teaching, she strapped on her guitar, jumped out of her seat, and ran out the classroom. Several people followed her. I was in shock (again) for several more seconds until I followed in pursuit. I went up the stairs (shockingly looking like the ones leading to LL1), ending up on street level. I saw those people standing on a pedestrian island which had a Fox News van parked on top of it. I ran over and into the van, where she was standing. I then heard her say to some guy, "Please don't cancel the AIDS benefit concert." I felt sorry for her. The dream then ended. This was probably one of the best dreams I've had that made me happy in-dream.

When Reality Mixes with Fantasy

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