Thursday, May 28, 2009

CA Supreme Court Decision Disappointing

equal rights. for all. since when have these two been separated?

The California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Proposition 8, the ill-conceived voter referendum held in the 2008 election was very disappointing. Not only have they gone with the views of the uneducated masses, but they have also created two classes of gay people: those married prior to Prop 8 and authorized under a previous Court ruling, and those who have not yet married. This not only lends to the question of whether this is a violation of the Constitution, but also on when this nation is ready to accept equal rights for all, as many other countries have recognized. In fact, the Courage Campaign is already underway in overturning this decision.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

After a Movie, Hoot the Night Away at Hooters (Wasn't Clinton's Fault Though)

Maybe it's Bill's fault that everything he touches turns into something involving a woman and scandals (Just kidding, he's a good man). During the '92 U.S. Presidential election, former President Bill Clinton stopped at Future Diner, a small restaurant located next to a movie theater (then Cineplex Odeon) inside a mall (once dominated by a Kmart) for a lunch. He returned in 1993 to champion his health care reform with local residents and led to the creation of something called a "Clinton Wrap."

In 2005, the diner closed, and has remained vacant until just several months ago, when the Queens Chronicle reported that Hooters, the restaurant chain that serves up just a little more than a burger and some fries, will be moving into the famous location. Community members are worried that it may attract some trouble into the area, especially since it is located right next to the Loews' movie theater (formerly Odeon), a Kohl's (Kmart left around 2003), and plenty of other family-oriented attractions. What is even more concerning is the existing outdoor dining area. Because Little Johnny might be dreaming more than what he just saw at Night at the Museum.

>>>Queens Chronicle:Fresh Meadows Hooters met with some concern
>>>Former Queens Tribune Review

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank You Streetsblog!

After posting about how one city's innovation can make bus lanes in New York City better, Streetsblog featured me as one of their headlines for today. That post got over a 150 hits-a record! And in this economy, bloggers are having an even harder time trying to get people to spend some of their time getting infotained. Thank you Streetsblog! (Of course, whether or not people may have subscribed or will return remains another issue)

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Better Bus Lanes in NYC?

The following video shows how a "Bus-only" street would work. Taking place possibly in Italy *(Edited as suggested by commenter: Newcastle-on-Tyne?)*, it utilizes mechanized poles that protrude from the roadbed. As buses approach the poles, a sensor sends a signal to lower the poles. After the bus has passed, the poles reset to their risen position. Of course, as you will see, some drivers think they maybe quick enough to beat the poles, or do they...?

This idea can be utilized in NYC's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or as the MTA calls it, "Select Bus Service" lanes, once in an experimental mode but now expanding its reach with Phase II. Since funding for camera-enforced lanes were defeated by a certain Gantt (David Gantt) last year, the NYC Department of Transportation and the MTA have been having trouble stopping people from driving into the lanes or leaving vehicles in it. In fact, I was at 34th St & 7th Ave recently, and spotted someone leaving a whole bunch of crates in front of an H&M in a special 34th St bus lane reserved for buses. (Picture follows-bus lane is near curb, painted red)

New York City

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