Saturday, June 28, 2008

Streetsblog: David Gantt

This time, the MTA is not too blame for screwing over its riders. Streetsblog writes about how the transportation committee's chairman in the New York State Assembly screwed over New York City's attempts to enforce a new bus rapid transit program. The defeated bill, which would have allocated money to the MTA to install cameras onto the rear of special buses to enforce bus rapid transit, which was a proposed plan to offer faster transit on the surface. Alhough the MTA has a knack for these upgrade programs taking longer than anticipated and ending up costing more than planned for, at least there could have been a source of money to begin with. Some critics say that Gantt's moves were fueled by the city not using the technology products of a good friend of his. This follows another devastating blow to the NYC transportation system and economy of the whole state; the defeat of congestion pricing a few months earlier.

>>>Streetsblog: How David Gantt Sent Bus Cameras to Defeat in Albany

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