Monday, April 7, 2008

Reform (or get rid of) HMOs Now!

Apparently, the new health insurance plan I am now covered under only allocates one checkup for every two years. The recommended interval and the ones other major HMOs use is once every year. What happened?!?! Since a single checkup is expensive if someone does not have insurance or uses up more than the alloted amount, this creates a dilemma. Decreased checkups = less diagnoses of diseases, illnesses, or other ailments = a more sickly person = decreased productivity = decreased revenues for the business they are employed in = increased costs in paying for that worker's worsened health problems or hiring more workers to make up for the lost productivity! Abolish (or at least reform) HMOs now! It works in Canada, the UK, France, and Cuba, so why not the U.S.?

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