Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arrest This Murderer NOW

Earlier this week, a passenger fatally stabbed a bus driver on the B46 route in Brooklyn illustrated the immorality some people have. The passenger did not pay the fare when boarding after his MetroCard failed to work and was not confronted by the driver, as per their protocol. However, when that passenger demanded that the driver give him a free transfer ticket, the driver refused since he had not paid for his ride. The passenger then got off the bus but got back on to stab the driver with a knife. The suspect then fled the scene. The driver leaves behind two children.

It has been 27 years since the last fatal bus driver attack in New York City. The problem are passengers who either refuse to pay or simply sneak aboard from the rear exit of the bus. This tactics are both barbaric and unethical, and most often characterize people who may perhaps have a criminal history or malicious intent. This is why there is a need for greater police on the most problematic bus routes in order to decrease this type of activity.

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