Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Were Great

Sure, Jon Stewart has a great show on Comedy Central, but him hosting the Oscars just plain sucked. So with Hugh Jackman hosting the 81st Academy Awards yesterday, it breathed new life into the show. His hilarious musical opening along with an "impromptu" inclusion with Best Actress nominee Anne Hathaway, accompanied with his jokes throughout the show made it a lot more fun to watch over the previous years' shows. In addition, the use of five previous Oscar winners in major categories such as Best Actress, Actor, Supporting Actors in introducing and toasting this year's nominees was new and touching. The great use of the five movable screens (mostly for the previous toasts) to showcase this past year's numerous films in numerous categories really made the entire show entertaining. This was mostly a move to get viewers interested in going to the movies in 2009 despite the bad economy. In addition, the show managed to cut itself down to 3.5 hours (8:30 - 12), the shortest that I've ever seen.

For a complete list of nominees and winners, and for even more detailed recaps, visit the official Oscars website.

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