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Neighborhood Crime Wave - We're Just Never Safe

Despite the Mayor saying that violent crime in NYC had fallen since 2001, similar to the nationwide fall, there has been a spike in the past 2 years in NYC, such as in Queens - NYTimes: Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts

The following is my eyewitness account.  Times are based on approximate durations.

2:10 A.M.: Earlier this morning, I awoke to some loud sounds, as if people were hitting garbage cans and yelling.  I then heard a car alarm - sounding like our car's - and lurched out of my bed and peered through my window blinds, looking for signs that it was our car.  Indeed it was.  The car lights flashed and I saw one person running to the right, another next to the side of our car.  In retrospect, I probably should have waited to see the perps' clothing, but my fight or flight response made me turn on my and another room's lights.  I yelled out to my parents that it was our car and that there were people outside.  Running back to my window, I saw that the criminals had now ran off.

2:12 A.M.: Dad went outside to take a look - front windshield was badly damaged from their using a neighbor's bundle of cut tree trunks wooden fence slats waiting to be thrown out by the garbage truck later that day; the bundle was still sitting on the front hood.  Worker across the street came out but said did not see anything.  Several neighbors from the left side of the block came over - they said that some of their cars had been similarly vandalized.  The first one had already called police.

2:14 A.M.: An SUV charges down to the right side of the street (against the one-way); I thought it was the perps' vehicle.

2:16 A.M.: SUV comes back; driver actually lives at the end of the block and heard the commotion and attempted to give chase as soon as the goons started running away.  He said that he saw some teens at the gas station.

2:20 A.M.: One police car arrives.  Hearing about the gas station, they go down
the right side to find the perps.  They come back a minute later saying that there were too many kids at the gas station and at a neighborhood fast food joint.  Asked neighbors, who now congregated with the officers, whether anyone saw anything - clothing, number of people, race, etc.  No one could give a solid answer except that one suspect was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt and around 4-6 people. 

2:25 A.M. Second police car arrives.  One of the neighbors went back with the cops to try and identify at the gas station / Arby's but came back with no luck.  Begins collecting information from victims.

2:35 A.M. Third police car arrives.

UPDATE: 3 cars in total were damaged, the "garbage cans" noise came from not only hitting the windshield with objects, but also by perps physically jumping on the car.

In addition, throughout last year, multiple incidents involving muggings also ran rampant:
  • On January 5th, 2010, a neighbor was mugged nearby when walking home at around 2:30 P.M, around the time when public schools were being let out.  An African American male in a white BMW held the victim up at gunpoint and asked for her handbag.  She gave it up and the suspect drove away but she was dragged by his side mirror for several yards before coming loose.  There was nothing valuable inside the bag and cops recovered it later.  At the time, the Modus Operandi matched that of similar incidents in Queens.  The suspect was apprehended sometime later.  (IM convo), 1/5/10 
  • A similar incident involved another neighbor that was walking home on the same block during the evening.  They saw a group of males in a car down the block.  As they walked past the car, they heard doors opening and one or two people and the car slowly following.  The person stopped, picked up their cell phone, and started dialing a number when the suspects returned to their vehicle and fled.
  • Later in the year, around 11 muggings happened in the vicinity, with all incidents involving 2-3 male muggers snatching wallets and bags.  All happened between the late evening and late night hours.  The local news stations even covered it: NY1: Three suspects sought in Fresh Meadow Muggings or Google: "Fresh Meadows mugging"
  • Early 2011: same block, other half, slashed tires for several cars.

Oh, and have I mentioned that my home was burglarized twice before?  Looks like all the more reason for my parents to want to move.

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