Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't Tell the Cops

So this past weekend was the Fourth of July weekend. To kick it off were three major fireworks displays: the famous Macy's one in New York City (NBC), the one that comes on afterwards in Boston (CBS), and the one in Washington D.C. (Thirteen). The best one in my opinion was the Macy's show since it was the most creative as well as being the most synced with the music. Winning second place is the one in Boston. The Washington D.C. one was just plain horrible. The crescendos in the music were paired with less-than-average fireworks patterns. Oh, and happy birthday to Macy's, which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year!

When I went back to work today, I asked the kids I supervised if anyone saw the July 4th fireworks.

One kid responded, "I saw it on TV." I said, "Me too!"

Another, "I saw it in person in Manhattan." I said, "It must've been amazing, especially with the new Waterfalls."

Then one kid boldly remarked, "I saw it in my backyard." I chuckled and the student sitting next to him asked him, "Isn't that illegal?"

Another fun-filled day of work. :)

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