Sunday, August 31, 2008

Next Stop: London

With the closing of the 29th Summer Olympiad in Beijing, some tidying up is in order.

Cost of the Olympics and the running up to it (new airport, infrastructure, venues, training): $43 Billion

Number of gold medals China won: leading with 51

Number of medals the top 2 countries won: U.S. with 110, China with 100 (short of their so-called "Project 119" to get 119 medals this year

London Mayor Boris Johnson's attempt at putting his hands into his pockets when on stage awaiting to receive the Olympic flag; his unbuttoned jacket; his lackluster whirl of the flag: Disrespectfully lazy?

The part of the Closing Ceremony involving London: so-so (Leona Lewis could have sang a little better, and some better symbolism at play)

Extinguishing of the torch: not as impressive, but probably meant this way

Olympics as a whole: Pretty good (I was going to say "priceless," but then Mastercard would have hounded me.

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