Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Olympics Begin!

Awe-Inspiring. One of numerous words that can describe the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China. The numerous cultural, historical, and technological aspects of the show made it into a feast for the eyes and ears as performer after performer performed flawlessly and with great grace and elegance. The show, which involved 22,000 people, none of whom were repeated, cost millions of dollars. Right from the start, it was moving when 2008 drummers made a spectacular light show.

Then came the human painting on top of a gigantic LED screen.

Flowing printing press blocks that were later revealed to be operated by humans (although I think that was to create the illusion.)* Everything just seemed to be well orchestrated and well thought of. The torch lighting at the end was even more amazing: a former Chinese Olympian, Li Ning, suspended next to the walls "membrane" surrounding the top of the spectacular Birds Nest Stadium, running the length of it.

It was well worth my 4 hours and would definitely pay to get a copy of it (uninterrupted of course) and watch all the symbolism, parading, and fireworks again.

Photo Sources: Los Angeles Times,

* After reviewing a picture found in a Chinese magazine which showed the workers underneath the boxes during movement, I withdraw my doubt.

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