Sunday, June 19, 2011

EcstaticE 2.0

After some experimentation, this blog finally has a new look!  After 3 years, 5 months since my first post (quite short) of the same, somewhat bland, blue and green and white backgrounds, it has a fresh design, using Blogger's somewhat new template designer.  Links you haven't yet visited are in an easy-to-find Red, while ones you already have clicked on turn to Blue.  I chose blue instead of the default darker color to still allow you to be able to find a particular link in the future.  In addition, a more concise footer (eliminating the redundant comment info), instant feedback, and new share toolbar! Also started using a page break feature to help redirect traffic to the site when people use RSS/shared links - Subscribe to see for yourself!
Let me know what you think by commenting!  And take a look at the before/after comparison after the break to judge for yourself!

Update 8/17/11: I am loving Blogger's new features and layout.  Nice work, Google. Needed updating for a long time to compete with Tumblr and WordPress; not quite there yet but getting there.
  • Version 2.1: Moved "Hello visitors from the..." from ABOUT ME to footer. Added gadget "Popular Posts" and "Live Stats"
  • Version 2.1.1: Added this QR code.
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