Monday, July 27, 2009

CMT 2009: All About Taylor Swift

Link to Country Music Television's 2009 CMT Awards from June 16, 2009 full show.
(Not that big of a country music fan, but I am a fan of Taylor Swift, who opens the show with a hilarious series of sketches about her dreams and how if she wants it to happen, it will:
"But it's my dream."

Another memorable quote: Bill Engvall, host, to Taylor, about all of her songs about her ideal guy (me? lol):
"Taylor, if you stopped writing songs about guys you wanna go out with, maybe they'd date ya."

Engvall pointed out that Swift, at only 19, she had already made it onto Oprah, CSI, SNL, and is a worldwide hit. In my personal opinion, she has been bridging the gap between country and pop for the past few years, like myself as an example. Her songs have country as a background with its themes and music, but are also fast-paced and a good singer enough that is winning over the pop radiowaves. She won the awards for Best Female Video of the Year (Love Story) and for Best Video of the Year, as well as countless other awards these years. Congratulations Taylor!
CMT-You Belong With Me
CMT-Best Female Video
CMT-Best Video

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