Wednesday, July 8, 2009

200 of 1800 Miles of Bike Lanes Added, But Safety?

Today, the Mayor and other city officials celebrated the addition of the 200th mile of new bike lanes ever since the city announced it as a major goal in improving the livability of New York City streets in PlaNYC. By 2030, the city is expected to have 1600 more miles across all 5 boroughs. However, more often than not, these bike lanes are on the narrowest of streets, with nothing but a 6 inch white painted line to separate fast and dangerous cars from bikers. Bikers are frequently injured or killed these days, mainly from vehicles just plain ignoring them - either by sideswiping them or just parking in the lanes (something even cops do it too). Something more along the lines of buffer zone along most bike lanes such as this city-approved one from Streetsblog would be better. We still have a long way to go before NYC is truly a bike-friendly city.

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