Monday, October 19, 2009

Cooper Union: Out with Black, In with Green

Cooper Union has a new website. Right now, at a superficial and aesthetic level, it looks waaaayyyy better than the old one, which had a black background and was clumsy to navigate.

And not just that, Channel 7 WABC and channel 2 WCBS both aired a segment on Cooper's new academic building today. Video and news link provided below. What's key is although the building is aiming for LEED Platinum, the highest rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, it is currently only certified for a Gold rating. Of course, the average person still has no clue what Cooper is. I overheard a woman passing by the school, taking note of the school name on the new building, asking her husband, "What's the Cooper Union?" He replied, "I dunno."

WABC: NYC school sets 'green' standard
WCBS: NYC College Unveils Eco-Friendly Science Lab

Of course, pictures of the inside are coming soon...just plenty of tests coming up.

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