Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Block Bus Lanes says Stringer, DOT-TLC

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is on a quest for the NYPD to ticket drivers parked illegally in bus lanes. Bus lanes are designated lanes for bus use only during a 12 hour period, 7am to 7pm, to allow for faster bus travel. However, private vehicles and delivery trucks still park in those lanes, and the police aren't doing enough to stop this illegal behavior. Unfortunately, a plan to fund cameras that would capture the licenses of illegal vehicles was defeated thanks to someone in the New York State Assembly named David Gantt.

However, there is hope. The Metro New York edition reported 2 weeks ago that the NYC Dept. of Transportation, which is also leading a renewed attempt at bus tracking technology, will also work with the Taxi and Limousine Commission "to use cameras to bust cabbies in bus lanes." They will first start with the bus lanes on 34th St as well as the Select Bus Service BRT route in the Bronx. With regards to Albany lawmakers such as David Gantt who have relented against using cameras to catch red light runners, Mayor Bloomberg said, "It defies common sense."

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