Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seen/Scene on the Subway

Seen/Scene on the Subway is a new line of posts that document interesting or unique events that happen on the NYC Subway. For something of a predecessor, see Car #1224

Uptown 6 train: African-American man selling metal whistles, varying colors. But it's his sales pitch that captures the whole car's attention. He has several versions of a rap-rhyme that just plain tells people what they can use the whistles for: from jogging to women who might need it for help to bikers or campers, that whistle could save your life...for only a $1. And someone actually did buy it! His poetry lit up the faces of people in that car, including myself, who found this salesman to be a cheerful, uplifting guy.

Flushing-bound 7 train:
A Caucasian girl, in her 20's, heading to CitiField. How did I know? She had an ID card hanging which had a "CitiField" printed on top, and at the bottom, "Corona-EMS." Before she got off, she had been taking stuff out of her bag: medical tape (Not sure what it's called...about 1/2 inch wide, white, latexy), pen, and other items she latched or stored into her pants. Right before the train stopped, she managed to pull over an extremely bright yellow jacket over her shirt which read "EMS" on the back. 80+ degrees Fahrenheit and humid and still a jacket over her shirt, in a stadium that would be filled with fans. I call that commitment to saving lives. And she was hot. :D

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