Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seen/Scene on the Subway #2

Seen/Scene on the Subway is a new line of posts that document interesting or unique events that I've experienced on the NYC Subway. For similar stories, click on the tag at the bottom of this post.

7 Train: AM Rush hour, at Main St station, as the train is pulling out of the station, the conductor says the following:
"Good Morning, 您好 (How are you), 지내세요 (How are you?), Buenos dias (Good Morning)." This was the first time that I had ever heard a conductor use more than one language on the speakers, and although he needed to brush up on the translations a little - there is a better phrase for good morning in Chinese and Korean - he should be congratulated and commended for taking the time to greet passengers and make their groggy ride a little more comfortable. And he picked the right variety of languages too-from a superficial view of the riders at Main St, his order of languages following English was properly represented. Kudos to the conductor!

42St/Grand Central: A trio of religious recruits were cruising the platform and handing out leaflets encased by a clear plastic sleeve. Thinking it might have been a coupon, I took one. After realizing what it was, I looked around for a garbage can. I saw one about a subway car's length away, and walked towards it. After I threw the package away, I noticed 2 other people had followed me and had done the same thing. I guess there actually are environmentally responsible transit riders who don't just throw trash onto the tracks or platform.

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