Monday, November 2, 2009

Bill Thompson: Bad for Transit & Livable Streets

As comptroller, he received millions in personal contributions while the city's pension declined. He gave billions to contractors who were willing to support him during his mayoral race. And if he becomes mayor, he will make quality of life in NYC worse.

Under Mike Bloomberg, the Department of Transportation has improved quality of life for pedestrians by increasing pedestrian safety with wider sidewalks, new pedestrian plazas, and safer routes to school for children. Bike lanes and bikers have increased in the past 8 years that enable more New Yorkers to commute by bike and to encourage more to take part in physical activity.

And yet, if Bill Thompson is elected as Mayor, he would do away with all of these safety and pedestrian space gains that other major cities worldwide have already instituted. He plans to get rid of the Dept. of Transportation's Commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, despite her even championing the installation of working bus arrival signs, something the MTA hasn't been able to do for a decade.

Thompson has also attacked Bloomberg and the DOT's installation of bike lanes and how they were harming neighborhood businesses and would rip them out. Not true. In addition, he also claimed that the community was not consulted before bike lane placement. Also not true. In fact, what the DOT has done in the past several years has made NYC safer for pedestrians.

And although Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan to improve mass transit for the over 5.2 MILLION people that take it did not pass the ever-ineffective State Senate, Thompson barely has a plan to improve transit that moves NYC. Benjamin Kabak of SAS says on his transit plan, "...the one about objecting to MTA service cuts. He won’t promise to fund the MTA, but he will object!"

This Tuesday, re-elect one of the most progressive mayors in NYC history that will continue to improve New York City's quality of life.. He is supported by unions, celebrities, local newspapers, and average New Yorkers. Plus, we give him only $1 a year-the best deal in NYC. This Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, vote for Mike Bloomberg for Mayor.

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