Monday, November 2, 2009

Bloomberg '09: Really?!, Praise from Major Newspapers

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With Mike Bloomberg's 8-year experience and proven independent leadership, he can bring NYC through these tough times and into a better future. This Tuesday, re-elect one of the most progressive mayors in NYC history who has not only reached out to New Yorkers to improve the quality of living, but also across the country to make us safer by making us safer, improving infrastructure investment, and reducing our negative impact on the environment. He is supported by unions, celebrities, local newspapers, and average New Yorkers. Plus, we give him only $1 a year-the best deal in NYC. This Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, vote for Mike Bloomberg for Mayor.

About Video: Building on the momentum coming out of Mikes win at last nights debate, the Bloomberg campaign today released a new ad entitled Really
Youtube: Really?!

About Video:
Youtube: Steady Hand

Mike Bloomberg for NYC Bottom Banner
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